North Alabama is full of great schools systems and options for your children. Below is a list of all schools available in the area from public school to private school options. Each school system has a zone map locator that can help you determine which areas are zoned for certain schools. I can help you with more information on each school system and which areas are the most desirable. I can also help setup school tours when you are in town, these can be very informative and can help you decide what area you want to live in.

Public School Systems

Huntsville City Schools

Huntsville City School Zone Map

Huntsville City High Schools

Columbia High School
300 Explorer Boulevard Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Grissom High School
1001 Haysland Rd, Huntsville, AL 35802

Huntsville High School
2304 Billie Watkins Ave Huntsville, AL 35801

Jemison High School
5000 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, AL 35810

Lee High School
2500 Meridian St. Huntsville, AL 35811

Huntsville City Middle Schools

Challenger Middle School
13555 Chaney Thompson Road, Huntsville, AL 35803

Chapman Middle School
2006 Reuben Drive, Huntsville, AL 35811

Hampton Cove Middle School
261-B Old 431 Highway Hampton Cove, AL 35763

Huntsville Junior High School
817 Adams Ave. Huntsville, AL 35801

Morris Middle School
4801 Bob Wallace Avenue Huntsville, AL 35805

Mountain Gap Middle School
821 Mountain Gap Road, Huntsville, AL 35803

Ronald E. McNair Jr. High
5000 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, AL 35810

Whitesburg Middle School
107 Sanders Rd. SW, Huntsville AL, 35802

Williams Middle School
155 Barren Fork Blvd SW Huntsville, AL 35824

Huntsville City Elementary Schools

Blossomwood Elementary
1321 Woodmont Ave. Huntsville, AL 35801

Chaffee Elementary
7900 Whittier Road Huntsville, AL 35802

Challenger Elementary
13555 Chaney Thompson Rd. SE, Huntsville, AL 35803

Chapman Elementary
2006 Reuben Drive, Huntsville, AL 35811

Farley Elementary School
2900 Green Cove Road Huntsville Alabama 35803

Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary
1210 Taylor Road, Big Cove, Al 35763

Hampton Cove Elementary School
261-A Old Highway 431 Hampton Cove, AL 35763

Highlands Elementary School
2500 Barney Terrace NW Huntsville, AL 35810

James I Dawson Elementary
5308 Mastin Lake Rd, Huntsville, AL 35810

Jones Valley Elementary School
4908 Garth Road SE Huntsville Alabama 35802

Lakewood Elementary
3501 Kenwood Drive Huntsville, AL 35810

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
3112 Meridian Street, Huntsville, AL 35811

McDonnell Elementary
4010 Binderton Place, Huntsville, AL 35805

Monte Sano Elementary
1107 Monte Sano Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35801

Montview Elementary
2600 Garvin Road NW, Huntsville, AL 35810

Morris Elementary
4801 Bob Wallace Avenue Huntsville, AL 35805

Mountain Gap Elementary
821 Mountain Gap Road, Huntsville, AL 35803

Providence Elementary School
10 Chalkstone Street Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Ridgecrest Elementary
3505 Cerro Vista Dr. SW Huntsville, AL 35805

Rolling Hills Elementary School
2901 Hilltop Terrace Huntsville, Alabama 35810

Sonnie Hereford Elementary
2755 Wilson St, Huntsville, AL 35816

Weatherly Heights Elementary
1307 Cannstatt Drive, Huntsville, AL 35803

Whitesburg Elementary
107 Sanders Rd. SW, Huntsville AL, 35802

Williams Elementary
155 Barren Fork Blvd SW Huntsville, AL 35824

Madison City Schools

Madison City School Zone Map

Madison City High Schools

Bob Jones High School
650 Hughes Road, Madison, AL 35758

James Clemens High School
11306 County Line Road, Madison, AL 35756

Madison City Middle Schools

Discovery Middle School
1304 Hughes Road, Madison, AL 35758

Liberty Middle School
281 Dock Murphy Dr, Madison, AL 35758

Madison City Elementary Schools

Columbia Elementary School
667 Balch Road, Madison, AL 35758

Heritage Elementary School
11775 County Line Road, Madison, AL 35758

Horizon Elementary School
7855 Old Madison Pike, Madison, AL 35758

Madison Elementary School
17 College St, Madison, AL 35758

Mill Creek Elementary School
847 Mill Rd, Madison, AL 35758

Rainbow Elementary School
50 Nance Road, Madison, AL 35758

West Madison Elementary School
4976 Wall Triana Hwy, Madison, AL 35758

Madison County Schools

Private Schools

Madison Academy
325 Slaughter Rd, Madison, AL 35758

Randolph School
4909 Garth Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35802

Westminster Academy
237 Johns Rd NW, Huntsville, AL 35806

Pope John Paul II
7301 Madison Pike, Huntsville, AL 35806

Whitesburg Christian Academy
7290 Whitesburg Dr, Huntsville, AL 35802

Higher Education

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Alabama A&M University

Athens State University

Oakwood University

Calhoun Community College