Smart Home Tech Upgrades To Help You Sell Your Home Fast

David Ivey
David Ivey
Published on September 27, 2018

In the early 2000s the craze was flat screen TVs, GPS; and then things shifted to smart phones. Now we are entering the age of Smart homes. This is the future of real estate and an easy way for you to differentiate your home from other homes on the market. In a recent survey done by Coldwell Banker the results showed that most homebuyers are looking for a home with smart devices. 77 percent of the homebuyers surveyed wanted smart thermostats, 75 percent wanted smart smoke detectors, and 63 percent wanted smart locks. Early on this technology was reserved for the most luxurious of homes, but it is now becoming more accessible to the average homeowner. In this article I will give you options on how to make your house stand out above all the other homes by using smart home technology. The technology is constantly changing with endless options and the price points are at a place where they can easily be added to any home. Smart homes appeal to more buyers, get better prices and also sell much quicker in today’s market. I am here to show you what is available today and what the best options are in order to sell your home quick. You may be thinking, I do not have the time or money for this, but I have good news for you… you can handle all of these upgrades by yourself and it will not hurt your wallet too much!

Smart Locks

Top Choice: August Smart Lock, 3rd Gen

August is the leader in smart lock technology and they currently offer some amazing options. They offer multiple different types of smart locks at many different price points, but the lock that makes the most sense financially and does everything you need is the 3rd Generation Smart Lock. This lock can easily be installed by you and all you need is a screwdriver. The best thing about this lock is that it can be set to auto unlock via Bluetooth so that the door will unlock as you are approaching. The lock will also lock automatically as you get a certain distance from your door with your phone. You can also create permanent or temporary virtual keys for family or friends via the August app. Lastly, this lock can easily be attached to your existing deadbolt and be added on in minutes.

$129 – Amazon

Second Choice: Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt

If you are not quite sure if you are ready for a fully smart lock, this second choice is a solid option that would enable you to no longer need a house key. Schlage created the Touch Camelot Deadbolt for people looking for a sturdy keyless entry. The lock takes minutes to install and all you need is a screwdriver and a small hammer. It comes pre programmed with two random codes or you can add/edit your own. One cool feature is it lights up at night when you press the Schlage button which makes it very easy to punch in the correct code.

$122 – Amazon

Smart Thermostats

Top Choice: Nest Learning Thermostat

This is by far the most talked about company when it comes to smart home technology. Nest thermostats were one of the first smart home products to go mainstream. These thermostats have come a long way since the first one was introduced. The third generation device comes in four sleek colors: Copper, Stainless Steel, Black, and White – all with a digital face. Nest claims to save an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills by learning your schedule and controlling the temperature. It can also easily be controlled from an app on your phone no matter where you are.

$208 – Amazon

Second Option: Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee4 is the ultimate smart thermostat when it comes to smart home integration. One of the key features is that this thermostat comes loaded with Amazon Alexa voice service, which allows the device to talk to you. It too claims to save you on your power bill and also enables you to control the device from anywhere. The one main difference is that the Nest thermostat is compatible with Apple’s Homekit, the Ecobee4 works with Alexa.

$225 – Amazon

Smart Smoke Detectors

Top Choice: Nest Protect

When people think of smart homes, the first thing that comes to mind is not smoke detectors. But when it comes to  safety one of the most important devices to have in the home in order to keep your family safe and secure is a smart smoke detector. By far the best one on the market today is again from Nest and it is called Protect. This device detects both smoke and carbon monoxide and comes with a ten year warranty. Nest Protect will alert you verbally and on your phone app when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected and it will let you know from which area of the house. One great feature is that it keeps up with your battery life to ensure that your home is always safe.

$129 – Amazon

Second Choice: First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound

Nest is definitely the best option on the market, but if you are looking for an alarm with more options then the First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound is the one for you. This device is compatible with Alexa and it detects both smoke and carbon monoxide. The cool thing about this device is that it can take voice commands and it also doubles as a speaker. It does require a hardwire install but this powerful device can fill any room with good audio.

$205 – Amazon


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